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    Women's Club

Women’s League Information

Have more fun playing golf on a social or a competitive basis in our Women’s Club at Pebble Creek Golf Club. Both 9-hole and 18-hole groups are available for Women’s Club members every Tuesday. This is a great chance to boost the level of your play and make new friends!

Many golf-related events and social activities are available to Women’s Club members. These include weekly events, the Ringer Board, the Birdie and Par Tree plus singles and doubles Match Play competition.

We invite you to learn more about the Pebble Creek Women’s Club! Contact Amy Stanger, Pebble Creek Women’s Club President at pebblecreekwomensclub@gmail.com or 612-845-8374

Weekly golfing events and other fun activities will be available soon. As a teaser: Parades, Concert at the Creek, Volunteer Opportunities, Shot Gun Starts and Food and Beverages.