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    Local 9 Membership

Looking for a family friendly, beginner oriented, budget conscious option to play golf this summer? The Local 9 at Pebble Creek is just that. It’s a great option for those just learning the game, seasoned veterans, or the family looking for another alternative to spend some time together outdoors! It’s a fun, layout with Junior Tees for the kids, (look for plates on the left hand side of the fairway)4 tee options for adults, and a leisurely pace of play that Jimmy Buffet would enjoy!

Green fees anytime (The Local 9 only),$1 Check-In fee, failure to check in may result in revocation, 8 day advance reservations.

Membership Pricing

Family Membership (Up to 4) $599
Family Membership w/ BCC Membership $449
Individual Membership $349
Junior Membership (under 18) $149
Add Dependent (under 18) $49